Since our article in the January 2020 edition of the CR3 magazine it has continued to rain heavily at times. As a result, we have been monitoring the ground water levels in Whyteleafe and the status of the Caterham Bourne. Information shows that local reservoirs are full and ground water is now above the seasonal average for this time of year.

Check for any flood alerts

It is now a good time to consider the implications of further continuous rain in the area. We recommend that anyone at risk of flood takes time to look at some useful sources of information. To start, we suggest that you sign-up to the Environment Agency (EA) flood warning service – either via their website or by telephone on Floodline 0845 988 1188.

If the EA issue a Flood Alert it means that flooding is possible and so, as a precaution, you should prepare for flood.

If the EA issue a Flood Warning this means that flood is expected and immediate action is required such as putting flood protection equipment in place and moving to a safe place. Reacting to a Flood Warning will be easier if you have already prepared.

Our top five tips

  1. Check the long-term risk of either river or surface water flood risk where you are via
  2. Regularly check information advising of flood risk (you can sign-up for automatic warnings) via
  1. Create a personal flood action plan using the EA template via
  2. Install flood protection measures to your property using reputable contractors
  3. Find out whether the river Bourne runs through (including beneath) your property and your responsibilities by contacting the County Council and checking the EA booklet “Living on the edge”.

Surrey County Council, the lead local flood authority, has plenty of further advice on any of our top five tips via:

Of course, we hope that everyone remains safe and dry. But no-one should ignore the importance of preparing for flood given the current situation.  

What is the Village Council doing?

We will continue to monitor the level of ground water and liaise with the District and County Councils to make sure that if action is required, it is taken.

Our other aim is to increase awareness across our community so that anyone at risk, however remote, can take action based on all the help and advice that is freely available.

We will also continue to make observations locally and work with members of the Whyteleafe Flood Group to check conditions across the Village. We will issue updates on our website and display notices, if required, on our notice boards.

If you know anyone who might be at risk of flood, please bring this letter to their attention. It could be life-changing.